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If you would like to register for a program and have not yet created an account with us, please take a short moment to do so which will bring you to the next step in completing your registration. If you already have a pre-existing account, please press the login button and enter your username/password to continue. Remember, you may register at anytime without making a payment. As long as your registration payment is made by the listed due date(s), you will avoid any late fee's.  

Dear Parents, Participants and Supporters,

 Starting this upcoming spring session of 2014 (March-April/May) we will be implementing a new system as to how our developmental leagues will be organized. The league will consist of teams and players which will be placed on rosters based on their current home address and appropriate high school district. A current utility bill will be required as proof of residency. The reason for this is to make an effort for our participants to have more opportunities to play and improve with their future high school classmates at a young age, create stronger high school programs and involve more youth throughout the various districts within Kern County.

Rosters in each district will be filled on a first come first serve basis which is why we will be taking names and contact information for those of you who may be interested in participating this spring under the new structure. No financial obligations needed at this point, simply sign in with your user name and password, register for the spring d-league session and from this point we will be in contact with everyone at a later date. Also if you are interested in coaching a team in a certain division/district please sign up as well.

Participating school districts will be divided into two groups as follow:

Group 1: Liberty, Frontier, Centennial, North and BHS
Group 2: West, Stockdale, Independence, Ridgeview and Golden Valley

If you have questions regarding the new implementation please call (661) 412-3312 or email:

Mission Statement

Basketball Universe Academy's philosophy is to provide solid fundamentals of the game in a relaxed, fun, and still competitive atmosphere. We will teach techniques that are vital for the athlete to excel in the next level of competition. The purpose of BUA is to develop our athletes to reach their full potential. We promote ideals in sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, and education on and off the court. Join us in our continued efforts to further develop young future student athletes. 


Developmental League

BUA’s main focus is the development of it’s participants. Our training programs are effective in skill development on many levels. However, without a game setting in place along with the advanced training given, the training becomes less effective. It is for this reason that BUA has it’s very own league, to ensure an opportunity for each participant to reach their full development. Each player will receive one game per week along with two team training sessions per week. Check out the following videos of our program and developmental league


If you intend on taking part in each of our sessions throughout the course of a year, sign up for a Year Round Membership and save money by receiving discounts on each of the sessions you will be taking part in. Registration for a Membership is only available during the registration periods of the Developmental League sessions. A low monthly payment will be made each month at a discounted rate for the duration of the year or for the duration of available sessions for your child. Please read the terms and conditions of the membership before registering for the program. Enter your information in the fields below to register for a membership.  

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Early Registration 

Throughout the year some of our developmental league sessions may fill up faster than others during certain seasons of the year. These time periods are unpredictable and differ each year. It is for this reason that we advice a potential participant to register as early as possible. We do not allow anymore than 9 participants on a roster in order to assure the most playing time possible for each participant. This also means that we cannot guarantee open roster spots even if registration is still open.